The customer is an auto parts company in Xiangyang City, Hubei Province. It began project cooperation with Perkins in the UK in 2017, mainly selling pulley products. However, since 2020, due to the huge fluctuations in the shipping market, the company's internal supply chain has Due to the chaos, not only the customer's order volume dropped by 15%, but the profit margin also declined.

Yuexin's digital supply chain managementBring comprehensive solutions to customers.

Comprehensive diagnosis Discover the problem

Through Yuexin's comprehensive diagnosis

Identify four issues that affect costs and profits

There are as many as 50 product models with many specifications and models, and the inner packaging is not uniform, with as many as 15 kinds of inner packaging.
Due to the large number of models and inconsistent demand for various models, it is difficult to accurately judge overseas demand, resulting in haphazard delivery plans and maintaining overseas inventory based on 12 weeks, resulting in redundant overseas warehousing and tying up funds.
The shipping form is basically based on the LCL mode. Due to the company's system requirements, the shipping and warehousing businesses are split and handed over to different suppliers respectively. This increases the unpacking process at the destination port of the LCL company, resulting in logistics The number of links increases and logistics costs remain high.
Due to internal management problems in the factory, there is a disconnect between the production department and the logistics department, and the logistics rhythm and delivery frequency cannot form an efficient coordination, resulting in a low single delivery cost but a high overall cost.

In response to the above 4 questions,

YuexinOptimize and upgrade the customer's logistics supply chain

In view of the problem of too many types of inner packaging, we made calculation improvements and unified the original 15 kinds of inner packaging into one type. After the improvement, we implanted the FAM front-end management system customized and developed by Yuexin to realize sorting, Integrated work on documents. FAM front-end management system customized and developed by Yuexin, Realize the integrated operation of sorting and documents.

After Yuexin optimization:

  • Reduced the purchase cost of inner packaging;
  • Reduces the error rate of picking and improves picking efficiency;
  • Improved cargo loading rate;
  • Optimize the logistics management personnel process and combine it with Yuexin's FAM automatic cargo picking and ordering system,It realizes process integration and greatly reduces the difficulty of management and control of logistics personnel.

Through Yuexin's comprehensive diagnosis and overall optimization, we serve customersSaved logistics costs of US$5,000 per month, reduced occupied funds by US$20,000, and shortened the response cycle by at least 10 days.

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