Cross-border e-commerce full link overseas services

Provide full chain overseas services including first leg, overseas warehouse, and final delivery
The full link connection from the beginning, trunk line to overseas warehouse distribution
From replenishment planning, warehouse layout to customized reports
Tailor more flexible full chain supply chain solutions for customers

Focus on overseas services for medium and large items and electronic products

Empty packet

Delivery starts from 0.5kg. Whether it is delivered to FBA or shipped from domestic to consumers, we can provide market-competitive prices on the premise of meeting the seller's timeliness.

First leg logistics

Since 2003, Yuexin Logistics has focused on shipping resources on American routes and European routes, and has reached in-depth cooperation with more than ten shipowners such as MAERSK, COSCO, CMACGM, ONE, EMC, HMM, and PIL to provide many customers with Better first-leg shipping service.

FBA delivery to warehouse

The highly competitive FBA delivery price, whether it is group goods or the whole container, can reduce logistics costs for FBA sellers.

Professional overseas warehouse

Yuexin Logistics focuses on medium and large items and electronic products. The warehouses are equipped with high shelves exceeding 10 meters. The aisles are wide enough to use Colang standard forklifts, so as to serve medium and large items customers more efficiently. .

drop shipping

Yuexin Logistics operates self-operated overseas warehouses in the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany, specializing in last-mile express delivery of medium and large items and electronic products. The price discounts are lower, helping sellers reduce last-mile costs.

Independent station logistics

For independent sellers, Yuexin Logistics supports multi-country, multi-warehouse complex logistics business, and has professional logistics planners to help sellers design flexible supply chains, thereby reducing sellers' logistics costs and improving supply chain response. aging.

Value-added Service

Yuexin Logistics has established overseas branches in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany to operate and manage overseas maintenance teams. It focuses on the quality inspection and maintenance of medium and large parts and consumer electronics products to better reduce operating costs for customers. .

Return for label

In response to the needs of cross-border e-commerce sellers, Yuexin Logistics' overseas warehouses can receive platform/buyer returns, clean, relabel, and repackage.

Through the warehousing management system independently designed and developed by Yuexin Logistics, efficient positioning and full-process tracking of each SKU in customers' overseas warehouses can be achieved. Real-time available inventory and product conditions in the warehouse can be efficiently controlled, which facilitates inventory management. At the same time, it improves collaborative planning, automatic forecasting and replenishment capabilities, effectively opening up the entire supply chain and efficiently matching supply and demand.

For the last leg, real-time shipment conditions can be grasped to help customers adjust, arrange stocking, and replenishment in a timely manner, coordinate with rapid market changes, and ensure the safety, flexibility, and traceability of the last leg of goods.

Seamless system connection

Whether it is the integration of store data on an e-commerce platform, the connection with ERP e-commerce software, or the API connection with a seller's self-developed independent station system, Yuexin Logistics' IT team can provide perfect support.

Full tracking of goods

Yuexin Logistics provides full-chain and full-life-cycle logistics tracking from the factory to the end customer. It also provides complete in-transit and in-stock inventory management services to synchronize logistics and information flows in real time.

Multiple countries and multiple warehouses layout

Yuexin Logistics' overseas warehouses currently cover the United States and Europe. If the seller already has mature operating experience in a certain country's site, he can quickly expand to other countries through Yuexin Logistics' overseas warehouse layout. Cross-border e-commerce business.

Professional logistics services

Yuexin Logistics has rich experience in medium and large items and electronic products. Based on many years of experience, it continuously optimizes warehouse operation standards and upgrades the WMS system, thereby ensuring that the inventory data of Yuexin Logistics' overseas warehouses is accurate and reducing errors. The occurrence of delayed shipments, missed shipments, etc.

Perfect after-sales guarantee

Yuexin Logistics can provide overseas customer service centers for cross-border sellers to promptly respond to and handle the demands of overseas consumers. At the same time, for medium and large items and electronic products, Yuexin Logistics' overseas warehouses not only provide transportation and warehousing services, but also It can provide complete in-warehouse processing, returns and exchanges, quality inspection, refurbishment, repair and extended warranty services to protect sellers' brands.

Deliver every solution with care

FBA locks the warehouse and reduces the first-way warehouse entry cost by 20%
A beach chair trading company in Shanghai
Overall optimization of the supply chain to reduce costs and increase efficiency
An electric scooter factory in Yongkang City
Fedex delivery price optimization reduces costs by 30%
A furniture factory in Hangzhou
One-stop card issuance optimization saves 100+ US dollars per order
An electric scooter factory in Yongkang City
Overseas quality inspection and maintenance to solve sales problems
A furniture factory in Hangzhou
Germany locally assembled to reasonably avoid anti-dumping of electric bicycles
An electric scooter factory in Yongkang City
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