One-stop solution for auto parts import and export
Twenty years of deep cultivation in digital management of the automotive parts supply chain, providing customers with industry-specific supply chain management recommendations


Supply chain solution design

Self developed system and OEM data exchange

Overseas warehouse management and services

Overseas quality inspection and repair

Self developed system and OEM data exchange

A digital supply chain management system composed of VMltrac system and FAM system

Based on the actual needs and development strategies of enterprises, suitable lean supply chain management solutions can be formulated to assist automotive parts enterprises in achieving efficient production configuration and improving production and sales efficiency

Connecting the data chain of upstream and downstream enterprises

Visualization of Full Link Data

Combining inventory consumption with raw material procurement andAccurate prediction and analysis of production

Connecting demand forecasting and supply planning
Barriers, adjusting inventory levels

VMI Global Supply Chain management system

FAM prediction analysis management system

Overseas warehouse management and services

Large three-dimensional warehouse with an area exceeding one million feet

Comprehensive overseas warehousing services

Receiving, sorting, warehousing, replacing recycled packaging, screening and repairing goods with quality issues

Intelligent job standards and inventory management

Barcode scanning and sorting by order ensure timely and accurate storage in the warehouse

Real time available inventory and product status in stock can be queried through the system, facilitating inventory management

Full time monitoring and management

24 * 7 * 365 full time monitoring to ensure safety in the warehouse and respond promptly

Complete qualification certification

Entering the Fortune Global 500 for Chinese auto parts companies

Provide global smart supply chain solutions

Deliver every solution with care

An auto parts company in Hubei

Optimize the overall supply chain to reduce costs and increase efficiency

Every month Save 5000 US dollarslogistics cost

Delivery timeShorten it by at least 10 days

Reduce occupied funds by 20,000 US dollars

Solved Problem

  • Optimize packaging solutions
  • Adjust delivery pace
  • Achieve efficient connection between upstream and downstream
  • Increase order volume and profit margins

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